Zip-line in Manuel Antonio

2015-01-08 09.24.45If you have been following along you know I’m a bit of a zip-line junky, so when I found out that there was another completely different zip-line experience in Manuel Antonio I had to try it out! You can get picked up at 7am or at 1030am and head out into the forrest.  The course beautiful with a total 15 lines some which were connected by suspended bridges you had to cross.  I got to go upside-down on 2 of the runs which was a to of fun. 2015-01-08 09.48.16 HDR Then you will take the longest zip-line which is over 1.5miles; it was incredible.  Since it is SO long you go in pairs side by side and ‘race’ your partner to the finish line.  You stop once for a water break and once for a watermelon and water break which was quite refreshing.  Then you go on the fastest line they have where go up to 55 miles an hour! It is such a rush! 2015-01-08 11.12.29Then get ready to repel down to the finish.  It’s a big drop and an awesome way to end the course.  After a traditional lunch is served of chicken, salad, rice and beans.  If you are in Manuel Antonio definitely do the zip-line!

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