Secrete Japanese restaurant in Pinheiros

minato izakaya

Looking for a cool date spot with seriously amazing food? You must try Minato Izakaya, an incredible hidden gem tucked away in Pinheiros.    This unique Japanese restaurant  is a serious dining experience.  No reservations aloud, seats only twenty people and no saving seats for your friends running late; so try to go on the earlier side otherwise you will be waiting for a long time (yes it is worth the wait but I’m not a big fan of lines). As you can see in the picture above there are no tables, just 2 bars, 10 people on each side and waiters come and go in between. The hand written menu has so many yummy options from sashimi and cold sushi to port belly and fried chicken all cut right in front of you – it is a very interactive experience. The food come a out fast so I recommend gradually ordering items. The presentation and taste of each dish was so mind blowing good here is the full rundown of what I would recommend when you go to Minato Izakaya.ToroFull disclosure, I don’t normally like or even consider ordering sashimi however…….The toro here is an insanely good melt in your mouth experience, they have definitely perfected this, 100% must try. 2015-03-13 21.00.25

Definitely not your average seaweed salad, this comes with onions and shrimp with a nice miso dressing.2015-03-13 21.10.22

Best item on the menu is the fried kale with tuna and giant cavier (ikura),  it is a mixture of very different textures and flavors that complement each other very well creating the perfect salty, sweet, crunchy bite.2015-03-13 21.13.10

The dumplings came out all stuck together so they are fun to pull apart and taste great!2015-03-13 21.30.21

I am a sucker for chicken wings and if available I will get them.  These wings are very tiny served in a very flavorful sauce that Bon Chon can’t hold a candle to!  We also had the green peppers filled with shredded shrimp (we ate them too fast for picture sorry), also one of my favorite dishes.  Every dish that came out looks more delectable then the next so will have to go back and try the rest (can’t wait!).

The food is awesome but it is more about the full experience than just the food itself. It is fun, its cozy, its friendly, and interactive so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  Let me know what your favorite dish was!

Minato Izakaya, Rua Dos Pinheiros 1308Sao Paulo

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