Where to stay in Pipa

2016-01-05 06.11.06 HDRPipa Beach is one of the most famous beautiful beaches of Brazil. Located an hour and a half from city of Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte Pipa is ideal vacation destination. The scenery is breath taking with clear warm waters, natural pools, sand dunes, and impressive cliffs, the town is lively and the restaurants are fantastic. 2016-01-05 07.35.54

Set on a cliff overlooking the ocean, Pipa Privilege is luxury boutique hotel is a 3-minute walk from Praia das Cacimbinhas beach and 6 km from the center of town (R$25 cab). The view from each of the private villas comes with a panoramic of the ocean(see above). Each villa comes with a kitchen area, spacious living room, and private balcony area with hammocks.

The hotel grounds scream luxurious relaxation, there are nice chairs, day beds, infinity pool overlooking the ocean, jacuzzi (which they clean in between each use so you need to book in advance – the pump was broken so we didn’t get to enjoy it but looked amazing) and beach access.  As with most Brazilian hotels there is a nice breakfast buffet which is included.   There is a cute restaurant where you can also rent chairs in front of the hotel on the beach.  Even during high season the beach doesn’t feel crowded and it is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a LOT of beaches). Plus it is an easy walk to Praia Madeiro the more lively surf beach.  
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Pipa Privilege was a beautiful hotel and we liked being a little outside the town however there were some negatives:  This was by far the worst service (and I have accepted service in Brazil is normally bad) but this was really bad service with a smile (worst kind!). They were not helpful with planning (or even being knowledgable) on the various excursions they are supposed to offer, we ended up making our own buggy tour arrangements in town.  There was a serious lack of towels, the ones in the picture above were a rare gift; they would run out of towels everyday before day was done.  In addition the rooms weren’t cleaned properly as in, I didn’t get a pillowcase (and had to ask each day), the sheets had hole in them and needed changing, and the air conditioner leaked all over the floor.  If you can put up with the service situation, the hotel is incredible and worth staying at.

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How to get there: Fly to Natal and take cab.
Pipa Privilege, Av. Antonio Florencio, 1339, Praia da Pipa – Tibau do Sul, RN, Brazil

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