Where to stay in Fernando de Noronha

Pousada Teju AcuFernando de Noronha is one of the most beautiful untouched places in the world, its a place that has been on my personal ‘bucket list’ so being able to spend 6 days here was a truly magical experience.  A little background for you: Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 islands off the Northeast of Brazil. The main island is only 7.1 sq mi and with a population around 3000 people (that’s the amount of people that participated in Summit At Sea)! Getting there takes some advanced planning so keep the following in mind: There is only one flight a day from Natal and one from Recife so unless you are already in Brazil it might take 2 flights. When you arrive there is an entrance fee as well – this is not a cheap trip, there are various additional charges for everything so plan accordingly.2016-01-13 17.33.50

 Pousada Teju-Açu is a a charming boutique hotel surrounded by native vegetation of the Atlantic. THe pool is small but considering there are only a handful of guests it never feels crowded.  It’s quite peaceful lined with white comfortable day beds and couches.2016-01-09 18.28.13 Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with your own private bungalow that includes a hammock decked balcony overlooking the forrest. 2016-01-09 05.05.38  

The restaurant is quite good, for breakfast you can pre-order your selection and have it brought to your bungalow for a private breakfast.  It was nice I had the “Carb” which included acai, waffle, scrambled eggs, and a piece of cake every morning.  For lunch the cheese burger and steak sandwich were incredible. For dinner I recommend starting with the ceviche then trying one of the fish dishes in the tranquil upstairs restaurant atmosphere.

The hotel is a short 10 min walk to Praia Conceição, the only beach on the island that actually has infrastructure ie restaurants, chairs etc.

 Pousada Teju-Açu, Estrada da Alamoa, s/n – Boldró, Fernando de Noronha –

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