Best restaurants in Fernando de Noronha

20121109_134249On the 7.1 square miles that make up the main island of Fernando de Noronha there are some incredibly beautiful restaurants with sophisticated flavors.  Every meal

Mergulhão (pictured above) located next to the port area is a stunning peaceful place to be for sunset drinks that lead into dinner.  Sit outside under the stars or inside under a giant multi colored umbrella roof.mergulhao1The grilled fish with banana and coconut rice was delicious, but the multi meat risotto with ribs on top was the show stopper, maybe one of the best dishes you can have in Fernando de Noronha.  Best Restaurant!

do marRestaurante Du Mar is housed in a former US military base in the village Boldró, near the Tamar Project. There is a relaxing pool in the center of space so if it is hot out you can cool off before the food arrives.  This is hands down the BEST moqueca in Fernando de Noronha, perfect place for lunch

banner-31Beijupira restaurant If you are looking for a romantic place to take that special someone then Beijupira is the perfect spot.   Walk through the garden on a walk way lined with little lights, and tucked away in back of a house you find Beijupira. As you can see above it is a cozy home- like atmosphere, the menu is impressive, with many nice fish and beef options served with eclectic sides. Beijupira1Definitely the most sophisticated side dishes I have seen in Brazil. Start with the provoletta and croquettes, for your main dish I recommend the fish served with coconut rice and bananas (its amazing)

varandaVaranda Restaurante This is the largest restaurant we went to on the island with the biggest menu including many delicious steak, fish, pasta, and risotto options.  Sit outside and enjoy the nice breeze or go with a big group and take over the middle of the restaurant.  

The lobster with lime pasta was excellent and the bolognese did not disappoint.   It was the perfect portion so you won’t be in a carb coma which is perfect since the blonde brownie sundae is perfect way to cap off your meal.  Overall, it was a great dining experience.

maravilaMaravilia The most famous (and expensive) hotels in Fernando de Noronha.  As you can see above the setting is beautiful.  We started with salad which was surprisingly large (salads in Brazil are usually on the smaller side) and it was delicious.  After so many days eating just fish I think my body was craving some greens and this totally hit the spot!  We had the tuna with lime risotto (which was incredible- highly recommend it), the steak with onions and rice (which was good but nothing to write home about) and we finished off the meal with the  dulce de Leite petit gateau for desert (which was amazing).  It is a beautiful restaurant, the food is good however it is by far the most expensive meal you will eat in Fernando de Noronha so plan accordingly.  

 If it doesn’t fit in your budget, go for a sunset drink then head to Mergulhão

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