Carnival Rain or Shine

When you think of Rio, you think sunny beautiful weather, great beaches, tiny bikinis and wild Carnival… all of the above are true except for the beautiful weather at least since I arrived (apparently every day before it was ‘sunny beautiful weather’.  Well, no matter what the weather is people are on the streets in costumes from sunrise to sundown! Before the rain started up again, we headed over to the beach ‘block party’ in Leblon last night.  The float (shown below) was the start of last nights festivities and all of those blue umbrellas you see— beer stands! They shut down the main road on the beach (ie- lot more space and less crowding; which made it very easy to maneuver, unlike the one ON our street) and it was fun to see the party spilling on to the beach. As you can see from the pic (below) it started raining… no one stopped singing, or looked for an umbrella.  It really is non stop for 7 days here!

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