Mamma Jamma- Opening Night

On Thursday night I attended my first ‘Opening Night Party‘ in Rio for the newest Barra location(other is on Lagoa) of Mamma Jamma Pizzeria.  First let me say that when it comes to getting ready for an event in Rio,  I am never quite sure what to wear (since Rio tends to be on the more casual side of things) and when I ask I never get a straight answer.  So you can dress accordingly at the next function you’re invited to in Rio: No matter what the occasion, you can pretty much wear whatever you like and you won’t feel too over or under dressed!  Some of the ladies were in fancy dresses while others were sporting the more casual jeans/ top look…. When living in NY I always went with the ‘I would rather be too dressed up than under dressed”, in Rio not the case, find a happy medium, jeans and a cute top is your best bet; works for any and every occasion. Not to exclude the men reading this; Jeans and a t-shirt or collar shirt is appropriate.

The Opening: There was a huge turn out (people of all ages), great music playing, and waiters were passing around appetizers and wine/champagne wherever you turned. Once inside, I made my way to the back where, in front of the wood burning oven was a long line of different pizzas (see below).

I must say I was very impressed by the layout: high ceilings, two levels, a cute blocked off booth area (shown below, note there are a few of them), an outdoor lounge area, a wine cellar (good selection) and of course the wood burning oven with four pizza chefs making pie after pie! I love when you can see the fresh ingredients being used on the 30 different pizza’s Mamma Jamma serves. I must say the pizza is awesome, with a variety of choices to choose from you really can’t go wrong.  But, don’t miss out on the incredible salads and appetizers.  Seriously, I liked everything that was handed to me (or that I chased down), from the mini caprese salad to the soups, the croquet’s and best of all the fried meatball.  Oh that meatball! It was positively delectable, an absolute must try, I plan on going back to have more of them!  Unfortunately, we left before the dessert sampling, but I would recommend saving room (at least when I go back, I plan saving room for dessert and will report on it).  For dessert I can’t wait to try the: Pizza Bambina (Belgian chocolate syrup and cashew crumbs ) and the Grand Finalle Pizza (cinnamon icing, thin slices of caramelized banana and aged Cuban rum).

Mamma Jamma is great for any night of the week, family/group night out, girls night or a causal date night. I highly recommend heading over to the newest Barra location, follow them on Twitter for updates!

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