Guide to Florianopolis

For those of you who have visited a few different areas of Brazil when you visit Florianopolis  (also referred to as Floripa) you will see right away that it doesn’t have the look and ‘feel’ of ‘Brazil’.  It more  closely resembles areas in CA or Florida with large beautiful modern homes, chic restaurants and ‘normal’ sidewalks that you can actually walk on in heels.  Champagne day parties are all the rage, blasting electronic music at the various beach clubs all day.  People take the party from the beach directly to mega clubs creating a 24-hour party atmosphere for the beautiful people in Brazil (yes this is where they are all hiding!).  Here is your guide to planning the perfect trip to Floripa!floripaHow to get there:

1. Fly into Hercílio Luz International Airport.  TAM provides international and domestic flights from JFK, Miami, London, Madrid, Frankfurt, Milan and main cities in South America.  Keep in mind most flights will have you connecting through Sao Paulo.  For those of you flying in from other countries in South America Gol, Azul and Avianca have regular flights as well. Summer (December – March) is the busy season so if you are planning a trip around this time I highly recommend buying your tickets in advance! 2. Bus: Take the bus to Terminal Rita Maria. The main bus companies operating in Florianopolis are Catarinense, Reunidas, Santo Anjo and Eucatur.  3. Drive:  Take Route BR-101 (cross Brazil from north to south), the entrance to Florianopolis will be at kilometer 206, from there read the signs and get the express route BR-282 which leads to Florianopolis.

Getting around: When you arrive at your destination in Floripa make sure you get the number of your cab driver! This is not a city like New York or Sao Paulo where cabs are everywhere and easy to find.  When going out at night it is important you have a number to call otherwise it could put a serious damper in your evening.


Where to stay: If you are going with a group, Floripa is the perfect place to rent a house considering most homes are only a few blocks from the beach, this makes group travel a lot less chaotic.  Tips & Tricks to renting the perfect vacation home in Brazil.   If you would rather go the ‘hotel route’ here are some options to consider:

In  Lagoa da Conceição: Janela de Marcia

In Praia dos Ingleses: Costa Norte Ingleses Hotel

In Jurerê: Pousada Dos Chas, Il Campanario Villaggio Resort Floripa

Things to see and do: 

Hercílio Luz Bridge:  The one you see in the post cards

BeachesNorth: Canasvieiras, Praia Brava, Jurerê (and Jurerê Internacional), Praia dos Ingleses, Pontas das Canas.  East: Praia Mole, Praia da Galheta (nudist beach), Barra da Lagoa, Praia da Joaquina, Praia Brava. South: Campeche, Armação, Matadeiro, Pântano do Sul, Solidão, Saquinho


Surfing Beaches: Some of the best surfing you will find in Brazil for all levels!  Beginners can get their bearings on Barra da Lagoa, while the pros look for peak conditions at Joaquina. Other popular surf beaches include Praia Mole, Campeche, Matadeiro, Galheta and the deserted Lagoinha do Leste. 

Lagoa da Conceição (or Conceição Lagoon): is a must-see in Florianópolis. Sand dunes, historical constructions, lace-making, windsurf, kitesurf, a fishing village and a central area with fun nightlife.

Praça XV de Novembro: Lots of interesting things packed into this square including: the Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina, Catedral Metropolitana, and the best-preserved colonial church in Florianópolis, Igreja de NS do Rosário (Rua Trajano). The promenade on Rua Felipe Schmidt, is good for people-watching and window-shopping. The waterfront is home to the well-preserved Alfândega (customs house) and Mercado Municipal (municipal market).

Tours: Itaguatur offers day tours to visit destinations around the island.

Sports: Hiking (Lagoa do Peri, Naufragados, Lagoinha do Leste, Costa da Lagoa), windsurfing, kite boarding, surfing, paragliding, sand boarding,scuba diving

Praia de GalhetaWhere to eat:

Ponto G: Read more HERE

O Padeira de Sevilha (‘The Breadmaker of Seville’) one of the top 30 bakeries in all of Brazil. Rua Esteves Júnior 2144

Ponta das Caranhas, Estrada da Barra da Lagoa, 2377 – Barra da Lagoa

Macarronada Italiana: Italian food, Av Beira Mar Norte

Ostradamus:Rod. Baldicero Filomeno, 7640 – Reibeirão da Ilha,

Café das Artes: An artsy, upscale café in Beira-Mar Norte, good coffee and baked goods as well as salads and sandwiches. Rua Esteves Júnior 734

Thai :Al. Julia da Costa, 870. Esquina com Des. Motta.
Cafe Cultura:Rua Manoel Severino de Oliveira, 669 loja 3, Lagoa da Conceição
Big Blue Dining Club
Bianco Lounge 
Ponta das Caranhas 

P12Party Scene: Most of the nightlife is concentrated around the beaches in the summer. During the winter, the night life is concentrated in Lagoa da Conceição, where most of the bars and clubs are located.

Nightlife: PachaConfraria das ArtesEl Divino Lounge, PoshTaikoCafe de la MusiqueVecchio Giorgio 

Where to Day Party: Click HERE for your full day party guide

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