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When visiting Brazil, if you have the time I would definitely recommend squeezing a trip to Paraty into your plans. Here is your guide to the planning the perfect trip to Paraty!

Option 1: Hop in the car for a crazy 5 hour drive, it is a beautiful drive but be prepared;  you will probably get a little lost (happens to the best of us, even with a GPS!)
Option 2: Don’t have a car? provides regular transfers between the cities of the Costa Verde (Rio de Janeiro, Mangaratiba, Angra dos Reis and Paraty) daily, with a set price per person and lucky for you can all be booked on line!
Daily departures are offered from hotels in the Zona Sul area (Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon) and the Rio de Janeiro Airport to Paraty and vice versa.  For pick up at the airport, the driver will be waiting for the guests with a sign with their name on it, in the appropriate flight arrival zone.
Pick Up Times:
Scheduled pick-up in PARATY: 08:30h / 12:30h / 14:00h.
Scheduled pick up ANGRA DOS REIS (Port): arrival of the boat CONERJ (11:00 / 11:30 h).
Scheduled pick up ANGRA DOS REIS (Hostels / Hotels / Resorts): 10:30h and 14:30h.
Scheduled pick up RIO DE JANEIRO: (southern zone hotels – Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon): 08:30h, 12:30h and 17:00h (Tolerance for late flights: up to 1 hour, after which the price of a private transfer will be charged).
Scheduled pick up RIO DE JANEIRO (airport: Aeroporto Internacional Galeao): all flights arriving between 8:30 am and 17:00 pm.

Stay in the Historical Center!!
Pousada Ouro: Read review here
Porto Imperial (rooms by the pool are nice)
Pousada Sandi


I highly recommend doing a tour, there are SO many interesting, exciting and adventurous things to do and see in Paraty, whatever you choose you will have a blast! I recommend going with one of the experts at Paraty Tours, they offer a wide variety of day trip options so there is something for everyone to enjoy. I highly recommend the Waterfalls & Cachaça tour

Boat tours: There are beautiful islands to see scattered all around Paraty, take a boat side and snorkel around, tours cost R$35 -R$60 (around US $20-$45) and some even play music, serve fresh fruit and Caipirinha on board.  Note there is great scuba diving in Paraty, for more info:
Pirate ship boat tour
Barco tubiacanga
Schooner Morning Star
Schooner Banzay- This one is bigger and serves real lunch on board, read more here

Take one of the awesome tours listed above or grab a map and start exploring on your own!

Trindade – an old fishing village and pirate hangout, now a popular beach (everyone says we should go here).  The beaches in Tindade include:
Praia dos Ranchos (or Fora): This is the main beach in front of the village. Most of the bars and restaurants frequented by the tourist are located here. Almost all of the nightlife of the area is concentrated here and it is always lively during holidays and in the high season.
Praia do Meio: Its calm waters and beach bars attract tourists to this spirited beach. A rocky formation in the middle of the beach is a excellent place to appreciate the view, see the waves bursting against the shore and to contemplate life…
Praia dos Pelados: The name really means naked beach. It is a small beach with calm waters where nudism is allowed. The access is via the trail that leads to the pools of Caixadaço.
Piscina do Caixadaço: Here enormous stones of volcanic origin enclose the sea forming a pool of calm and crystalline waters. It is worthwhile to take a diving mask to enjoy the schools of colorful fish and to explore the underwater world. Read More

Its gorgeous beaches, trails and waterfalls draw tourists from Brazil and the world. The town of Trinity offers many options for lodging, shopping and dining, while maintaining a rustic style, typical of the place.
Natural Swimming Cachadaço The sun slowly illuminates the clear waters of the pool. Ornamental fish playing with the tide which runs between the volcanic rocks of varying sizes that form a natural pool of Cachadaço. With the passage of the sun, tourists arrive by boat or trail. Ali dive, swim and get around the street admiring the stunning natural beauty. Such is the routine of pool Cachadaço, one of the most beautiful attractions of the Town of Trinity.

Pedra Toboga: The BEST one by far! Be brave, hike up and slide down the smooth rock-face, its really fun! Note: Its right near a beautiful blue and white church.
Cachoeira Pedra Branca: off the main road, great ready to ‘swing’ into action.
Praia Brava- A deserted beach, there hides the most beautiful waterfall of the Trinity. Access is by trail or boat. The boat leaves from Praia do Meio with a maximum of 05 people on each boat.  The name says it all: Brava, with a strong influence of the ripples that come from the south. Often more is always busy, so the boat trip depends on sea conditions.

Catimbau Island, a 45-min boat ride from Paraty, one of Brazil’s colonial gems on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Catimbau is so small it’s almost not quite an island, it’s more like a rock formation in the middle of the Paraty Bay with only a restaurant on top called Eh-Lahô.


You will not be disappointed with your dining experience here, so many delicious options:

Kontiki-For a unique dining experience, check out this island restaurant in the middle of the bay. Kontiki specializes in seafood paella, and will pick you up at the Paraty pier for the 10-minute crossing

Casa do Fogo (Rua da Ferraria 38 Town Center) the menu focuses on seafood set ablaze with the local cachaça, and desserts don’t escape a fiery death either.

Restaurant TETECO On the beach offers a rich menu aiçara, where you can even choose the fish that will be prepared, in Ponta Negra- Gaeta
Restaurant Firefly Middle on Middle beach
Banana Terra: My favorite spot! best seafood, and every dish includes some form of banana! Read More
A Tereza-Rua da Lapa, 265 _ Centro Historico, Paraty (walls signed by celebs, specializes in beef)

Corto Maltese-Rua do comercio, 130 Centro Historico – Italian restaurant, live music

Bartholomeu PARATY  – Located in the historical center, serves delicious pastas, seafood and more with nice selection of wines and patio in the back. Read More

Bistro Paraty Brazil: In the Historic Center of Paraty, overlooking the sea and accessible by car, the Bistro offers Brazilian High Cuisine. (LUNCH)
Restaurant La Luna Only beach restaurant in Paraty. For those winter nights, delicious fondues with the plus of taste them on the beach and candlelight. International cuisine, steaks, pastas, seafood, fine selection of wines, music and chill out lounge selected. Charming atmosphere with stunning views of the bay. La Luna, a reference of good food and good music in Paraty, has the merit of having streamlined and integrated the Jabalpur district of the gastronomic circuit / tourist town.

Café Paraty, Rua do Comércio 253 (tel. 024/3371-1464)- live music
Porto da Pinga, Rua da Matriz 12 (tel. 024/9907-4370). This bistro specializes in local cachaças. Live music nightly; a great spot to go and try some of the regionally produced firewater. Should you find one you particularly like, you can pick up some extra to take home from their on-site cachaçaria
Margarida Café, Praça do Chafariz (tel. 024/3371-2441). Both the restaurant and bar are very nice and on weekends there is always live Brazilian music, a perfect spot to enjoy a nightcap after dinner


PUPPET THEATER -Puppet theater for adults, without words. In Concert show. Performances on Saturdays.
Academia de Cozinha-Mixing theater and haute cuisine, the Academia de Cozinha stages cooking shows in Portuguese and English. Guests learn about the regional cuisines, watch chef Yara Castro Roberts in action, then enjoy the fruits of her labor. The price of dinner includes cocktails, wine, desserts and a wide variety of other fare.
Cachaça Distillery tours! Try all of the yummy flavors- the chocolate is my favorite! Read More

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