Guide to Morro de Sao Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is one of 5 villages of the island Tinharé in Bahia Brazil , 272 km from the city of  Salvador and 60 km by sea.  Cars are forbidden on Morro de São Paulo. The only method of motorized transportation on the island is by tractor, which carries passengers to other distant beaches, to pousadas (small hotels) on Third, Fourth and Fifth Beaches and to the airport.

GETTING THERE: Read a full detailed report here

Option 1: 20 min flight rom the airport of Salvador- must be booked ahead of time and you will probably be put on the wait list

Option 2: Boat/Ferry, there is a fast one which takes around 2.5 hours and the regular boat takes closer to 3/3.5 hours, it is worth spending a few extra dollars to take the fast boat, trust me!


There are some beautiful hotels on 4th and 5th beaches however they are FAR from town… ideally you want to stay on 2nd beach

Hotel Animal , Jacuzzi clad bungalows look amazing

Villa Das Pedras Pousada- great location, right on the beach in town

Villa Dos Corais

Le Terrace Apart Hotel-  Located on 2nd beach has all amenities of an apartment with hotel service

Pousada Villa dos Graffitis- They were finishing this while I was there, but looks like a cool place to stay


Explore:  Garapua/Gamboa  fisherman villages, Boipeda Island (beautiful beaches), Natural pools, arrange these tours at the tour office at the start of town (right when you get off the boat and enter the town its on your left).

Boipeba Island: One popular and demanding hike goes to Cova da Onça (Jaguar’s Den) in the São Sebastião area, the remnants of an underground tunnel said to have served as a hideaway for Jesuits during indigenous attacks.  Best tours are Bahia Terra or Freeway since they have multilingual guides

Fortress Gate: The town’s icon is a 17th century carved-stone Fortress Gate, which welcomes each arrival from its position above the dock/  Around the corner at the point are the Fort Ruins (1630).

Natural Pools/Mud Pools- There are a few different ones to visit, just ask at your hotel

Tiroleza—Zip Line from the Lighthouse into the ocean of First Beach, it is incredible, after you  go 3 times its free to keep going, a must do, Check out the video here

Lighthouse: built in 1835 above the fort provides a fantastic view over the beautiful beaches and it’s a good work out getting up there! Make sure you zip down the Tiroleza!


Chez Max Overlooking Terceira Praia, Chez Max is an idyllic retreat where you can dine on a grassy lawn facing the sea. Sizzling grilled dishes, seafood and plenty of Bahian dishes fill the menu.

Bianco e Nero Pizzaria: Popular Italian restaurant in the heart of town, known for its fresh seafood pastas, and pizzas served on a large terrace.  Wasn’t my favorite but maybe you will have a better experience…

Jamaica Bar: A very popular spot all night long with live music (mix of reggae and bossa nova).  Outdoor seating and seats scattered along Segunda Praia (2nd beach) in the heart of the action

Music Bar 87: Live music nightly (usually Bossa Nova guitarist)

Funny Bar- Fun spot on second beach for lunch or dinner, outdoor dining and live music.  Try the lobster moqueca, it is out of this world good!

Ristorante Mediterraneo- Quaint open-sided Italian restaurant serves a nice selection of fish dishes, pastas and your other ‘Italian favorites’

Toca do Morcego Chill Out Bar & Dance Club –live music, great views for sunset

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