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The Dias Ferreira of Barra: Olegario Maciel

Living in Zona Sul if you are in the mood for a nice dinner you will probably decide to wander down Dias Ferreira in Leblon as it features restaurants like: Quadrifoglio Cafe, Esch Cafe, Sushi Leblon and more; I live close by so have covered most of the restaurants lining the street.  What happens when […]

One of the Most Beautiful Views Of Rio: Pedra Bonita

If you want to experience one of the best views of Rio, put your sneakers on and get ready to hike up Pedra Bonita Trail.  If you enjoy hiking, the trail to the Pedra Bonita is relatively easy, and despite being a little steep, it can be done by anyone and takes about 40 minutes. […]

Looking For A Great Hidden Brunch Spot In Rio?

Around the corner from me on Dias Ferreira is the book store Argumento which always seems to have a crowd standing in front of it.  Well, I found out that there are a number of reasons for a crowd to be gathered in front: Book signings, storytelling/events for children (starting at 11am on Sundays) and […]

Blogger Spa Day

There comes a time when every blogger/working woman needs to decompress and treat herself for a day- ladies you know what I’m talking about.  Well, I’ve been in Rio for some time now and felt like I deserved a relaxing spa day, who better to share it with than my fellow blogger JennainRio; who if you […]

Brazilians + Olive Oil= Love Affair

Brazilians LOVE their olive oil!  People here use and put olive oil on EVERYTHING you can possible imagine! It is used while cooking, poured over salads and sandwiches (there are LARGE bottles on the tables of almost every restaurant here), and lathered into skin and hair! Not just for your dining pleasure, there are many […]

Mamma Jamma- Opening Night

On Thursday night I attended my first ‘Opening Night Party‘ in Rio for the newest Barra location(other is on Lagoa) of Mamma Jamma Pizzeria.  First let me say that when it comes to getting ready for an event in Rio,  I am never quite sure what to wear (since Rio tends to be on the […]

The Things NY Mag Forgot To Mention….

I finally got myself a copy of the April issue of New York Magazine which did a 4 pages spread on Rio. I can say for a fact that visiting Rio for a few weeks doesn’t make you an expert and I am sure that if the person writing this had stayed in town a […]

Hot Zone

It is now officially ‘fall’ here which means that the temperature has been dropping and we are experiencing a bit of a cold and rainy front (highs of 74!). I know you are reading this and either thinking ” 74 degrees is not cold!” or “jealous/she doesn’t need it to rub it in, I wouldn’t […]

A Tour of Sitio Burle Marx…

Burle Marx was a Brazilian visionary landscape architect as well as a painter, ecologist, naturalist, artist… you name it, he’s done it. He is responsible for the small black and white tiles flowing like waves along the entire beach promenade.  The creative use of tiles continues throughout the city- a stunning work of art, and […]