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Hidden oasis: Praia do Joa

 I was at drinks the other night discussing the various beaches in Rio when someone mentioned Praia do Joa (or Joatinga), a beach I had not heard of.  The immediate response was ‘you must go it is beautiful!’, so the next day that is exactly what I did.  Hop in your car (it’s the only […]

Casa da Praia Itauna

Saquarema is a relaxed beach town, where the surfing is great and everything is very laid back. While walking down the beach we saw something out of the ordinary, a trendy restaurant;  of course I had to investigate:)  Just steps from the beach discover Casa da Praia Itauna, a restaurant / bar with live music […]

Beach Front Lunch and Happy Hour in Saquarema

It’s going to be hot this weekend!!!! Thinking of spending the weekend in Saquarema?  Surfing and tanning can really work up an appetite so head over to Garota da Itauna, an awesome beachfront restaurant/ bar with a variety of seafood specials and great live music.No need to change, since it’s right on the beach, stroll […]

Futevolei in Leblon

I love walking down the beach and watching the men play Futevolie (Footvolley).  It is basically beach volleyball with soccer rules, as in you can’t use your hands!  The people the at play on the beaches here are phenomenal! It’s one of those things that when I am walking down the beach I end up stopping […]

Ring In The New Year Like A Brazilian

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience New Years in Rio, add it to your ‘to do list’! Starting around 3 in the afternoon the street next to the beach is shut down and the vendors start setting up for the wild night ahead.  As I mentioned […]

Beach Time With Teddy

Teddy has been having an absolute blast and LOVES living in Rio! Check out some of his recent adventures… After losing his first battle with the wave, he is itching to go back for more! Spending a long day in the sun playing in the sand makes me thirsty! Where is my coconut?! Do I […]

Not Your Average Grilled Cheese

Once you have gotten comfortable in your cadeira and barraca (chair and umbrella) you will start to notice the many men walking down the beach selling all sorts of snacks including: Acai, chips, bikinis, jewelry, sunscreen, shrimp (yea I think that is a bit questionable too!) and queijo quente (grilled cheese)! You will be able […]

Mystery Rainbow In Ipanema

While walking down the beach towards Ipanema from Leblon I can across this mysterious chunk of rainbow and felt I had to share it.  Pretty cool right? Just a small piece of bright electric rainbow hanging over this building right next to the canal leading to Ipanema

Ilha Grande: Lopes Mendez

For our final day on Ilha Grande we decided to explore the opposite part of the island from the boat tour and head to Lopes Mendes. Lopes Mendes was named one of the 15 more perfect beaches in the world by Travel + Leisure.  Getting there: From the Abraao village you have three options: Schooner […]

Teddy Does Prainha

Teddy has officially declared himself ‘ King of the beach’!  I have never seen a little guy so excited to get to the beach, play in the sand and splash around in the water!  When we are about 2 block away (he can smell it) and charges as fast as he can- its really cute.  […]