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Hidden gem in Botafogo: Miam Miam

Tucked away in an old mansion (that belonged to the grandma of chef Roberta Ciasca) in Botafogo is restaurant Miam Miam (French for ‘yum yum’).  You could walk past this house a million times and not even realize it’s a trendy restaurant; a true ‘hidden gem’, one of the best contemporary restaurants in Rio.  You can sit outside in the […]

Contemporary cuisine in Botafogo: Iraja Gastro

Since I live in Leblon and Ipanema is close by, I have covered a number of the restaurants in the area and have decided it was time for me to branch out.  Botafogo has become one of my new favorite areas to discover restaurants; the area offers a variety of cool bars, tapas, and contemporary […]

Graffiti: Marcelo Ment Time Out Rio Follow Up

Marcelo Ment Show Covered by Time Out Rio 28 Jan- 4 Mar Leading Brazilian graf artist takes things indoors marceloment.com.br Carioca painter Marcelo Ment is one of Brazil’s leading urban artists, and until 4 March the spray can specialist will be exhibiting his new show Contrastes, featuring a dose of multimedia, photography from his global […]

Graffiti: Marcelo Ment Show

If you are following my blog, I think it’s pretty obvious that I love street art.  In Brazil graffiti or street art is truly art, no lame tags, or random ugly scribbles.  Quite different than other major cities around the world, Rio de Janeiro sees graffiti as a tool to bring an experience of art […]

Trendy Hot Spot in Botafogo…. doiZ

Stormy weather got you down? In need of a fun night out? A hot date spot to give your game a little boost? Then head over to doiZ, a bi-level Über trendy restaurant/bar in Botafogo (same folks that brought your Meza Bar).   Once you get past the large doorman and receive your drink card ;walk into […]

Graffiti: Botafogo

Love how vibrant the colors are!

In The Mood For Some Bubbly? Rio’s Got A Champagneria

If you like champagne head over to Ovelha Negra (Black Sheep of Porto Alegre) a champagneria in Botafogo (15 min drive from Leblon).  If you are a New Yorker reading this, I am sure the first place that comes to mind when  you think champagneria is Bubble Lounge or Flûte Bar in NYC, well Ovelha […]

Porcão… Go Hungry!!

Churrascarias (Brazilian Steakhouses), are extremely popular in Brazil and throughout South America (FYI Churrasco roughly translates to barbeque).  Porcão, is by far the best and most popular of all Churrascarias; I have been a number of times but for those who have never been I figured it might help to have a game plan before […]