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Zero Zero Is The Place To Party on Saturday Night

It is finally summer in Brazil, and it is HOT! Seriously, if you think New York in the summer is painfully hot (which I agree can be pretty scorching sometimes), Rio has it beat.  After hanging at the beach all Saturday how should you spend the rest of your afternoon and evening?  Head over to […]

Can You Party Like A Brazilian?

If you think New yorkers know how to party and stay out late, Brazilians put us to shame! Every weekend there are crazy dance parties that you buy tickets (R$40-R$60) for ahead of time, and I am going to tell you about Rock Rock, which was hosted at Clube Santa Luzia (a ‘club’ on the […]

Country Clubbing in Rio

I have to give credit to Groupon Brazil for this one, had they not offered such a huge discount for Estação do Corpo (translates to Body Station) a fitness/country club here in Rio, I probably would not be writing about it (and planning on joining) today.  The massive club is situated on Lagoa, which means […]