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Graffiti: Vila Madalena

Check out the beautiful creations I stumbled upon on a recent walk about in Vila Madalena…  

Graffiti: Pinheiros


Graffiti: New updates to Sao Paulo’s ‘Batman’s Alley’

For those of you who haven’t heard of Batman’s Alley, it is an ever changing open-air rotating art gallery and one of my favorite areas to wander around:)  If this is your first time visiting my site or if you missed my previous posts on Batman’s Alley then I highly recommend reading post 1 and post 2  […]

Graffiti: Garage in Vila Madelana

The first time I visited Sao Paulo we drove by this incredible house/ garage covered in beautiful graffiti and I have been trying to ‘re-find’ it since I got here.  Well….I finally found it!! This beautiful creation is by Roberto Bieto one of the most incredible muralists helping to ‘beautify’ Sao Paulo. I’ll admit it […]

Graffiti: Bela Vista

Graffiti: Old Downtown Sao Paulo

  Wanted to showcase my 2 favorite pieces from Old downtown Sao Paulo:  

SP: Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural

As you know I am a huge fan of the graffiti culture in Brazil, so I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon the Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural this past weekend.  Nova Cultural is an outdoor sculpture -art park with 2 galleries, 2 restaurants, a cinema and home to antique fairs […]

Street art gallery A7MA in São Paulo

While in Sao Paulo, wandering the streets of Vila Magdalena on my self guided ‘graffiti tour’ I stumbled upon a true hidden gem: A gallery devoted to the street artists of Brazil A7MA .  It was the graffiti covered garage (above) that drew me across the street from Batman’s Alley entrance. As I was taking pictures the […]