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Gym Ranting

Let me start by apologizing.  As I look back on my past gym related posts I realize I may have been sugar coating the ‘personal space‘ and lack of ‘gym etiquette’ issues more then I had realized. I am an avid morning gym goer (6am/5 days a week), and I respect my fellow ‘gym rats’ who […]

Country Clubbing in Rio

I have to give credit to Groupon Brazil for this one, had they not offered such a huge discount for Estação do Corpo (translates to Body Station) a fitness/country club here in Rio, I probably would not be writing about it (and planning on joining) today.  The massive club is situated on Lagoa, which means […]

Who needs to join a gym when you can work out for free?

Living in place where you are required to squeeze into a little bikini year round, there are a number of gyms to keep you in that perfect ‘CaRIOca shape”. As you have seen Body Tech is one of the nicer gyms in Leblon, and thanks to a fab corporate discount I am still enjoying my […]

Saving the World One Kilo at a Time!

Going to the gym here is truly an eye opening experience….. You will see everything from head to toe matching ensembles, to bikini looking tops and mini spandex shorts… basically a bunch of women dressed like super hero’s and yes all of them wearing their knee socks rolled all the way up ( I have […]

Body Tech… Can YOU Feel the Burn?!

For those of you who don’t know me I am sort of a ‘gym rat’ (sort of is a bit of an understatement, as I gym 5 days a week @5am for 2 hours like a crazy person) so as you can imagine I appreciate a nice gym.  Naturally, when moving to Brazil- the land […]