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Ring In The New Year Like A Brazilian

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience New Years in Rio, add it to your ‘to do list’! Starting around 3 in the afternoon the street next to the beach is shut down and the vendors start setting up for the wild night ahead.  As I mentioned […]

Ilha Grande: Abraão Village

When I have referred to ‘town’ in past Ilha Grande posts I am referring to Abraão Village which is home to many of the restaurants, hotels, bars, travel agencies, grocery stores and boat rentals in Ilha Grande. Note: If you want to stay close to the ‘action’ on the island, find a pousada in walking […]

Arpoador Surfers Paradise Round 2

I came across this article, Arpoador: Living in a Surfer’s Paradise and thought it was ‘post worthy’; a follow up to my previous Arpoador= Perfect AM Surf Spot.  Learn more about vacationing near Arpoador! Nestled between the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana lies Arpoador, a tiny neighborhood best known for surfing and romance. Arpoador’s residents […]