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The Dias Ferreira of Barra: Olegario Maciel

Living in Zona Sul if you are in the mood for a nice dinner you will probably decide to wander down Dias Ferreira in Leblon as it features restaurants like: Quadrifoglio Cafe, Esch Cafe, Sushi Leblon and more; I live close by so have covered most of the restaurants lining the street.  What happens when […]

Classic Brazilian cuisine at Alvaro’s

Want to dine at a traditional Brazilian restaurant? Alvaro’s, which opened in 1963 is as ‘traditional Brazilian’ as it gets. On a typical day you can find this cozy restaurant filled with older regulars, families, businessmen and on occasion, politicians. It is one of the most frequented restaurants in Leblon and for good reason.  They […]

Hidden oasis: Praia do Joa

 I was at drinks the other night discussing the various beaches in Rio when someone mentioned Praia do Joa (or Joatinga), a beach I had not heard of.  The immediate response was ‘you must go it is beautiful!’, so the next day that is exactly what I did.  Hop in your car (it’s the only […]

Classic Italian-Brazilian combination at Quadrifoglio Cafe

I have been on a mission to try all the restaurants lining Rua Dias Ferreira since I moved here, but of course new restaurants keep popping up making this quest take a little longer.  I am still not there yet (2 more to go) but I couldn’t resist knocking one of the ‘newer’ spots off my […]

Esch Cafe: A little ‘Havana’ in Rio

While living in New York, if I was in the mood for some good Cuban food I would head to Havana Alma de Cuba or Cuba.   If you are looking for a taste of ‘Havana’ in Rio, head over to Esch Cafe in Leblon on Rua Dias Ferreira.  The waiters are dressed like Cuban […]

Contemporary cuisine in Botafogo: Iraja Gastro

Since I live in Leblon and Ipanema is close by, I have covered a number of the restaurants in the area and have decided it was time for me to branch out.  Botafogo has become one of my new favorite areas to discover restaurants; the area offers a variety of cool bars, tapas, and contemporary […]

Looking for an easy hike in Rio? Try Parque Dois Irmãos

Since it was a beautiful morning instead of the gym I decided to hike up to Parque Dois Irmãos which is a partially up the Pico Dois Irmãos mountain at the end of Leblon (the 2 mountains you see in almost every picture of Rio). As you make your way up the steep winding street you […]

Late Night Pizza at Vezpa

Do you get hungry after a night of dancing and partying?  For most people, I believe it all started in college…After a long and usually wild night out the ‘late night’ craving hits and what is always open late? Pizza.  Whether you like it, want it, don’t want it or know you shouldn’t have it, […]

Mexican Food In Rio? Sí Señor

If you are craving Mexican food and live in Rio de Janeiro, your choices are limited.  Up until December 2011 your only option for ‘Tex-Mex’ was Rota66 , which doesn’t say much….  Brought over from São Paulo,  Sí Señor, Mexican Grill has found a new home in Leblon where restaurant Astor used to be. With […]

Futevolei in Leblon

I love walking down the beach and watching the men play Futevolie (Footvolley).  It is basically beach volleyball with soccer rules, as in you can’t use your hands!  The people the at play on the beaches here are phenomenal! It’s one of those things that when I am walking down the beach I end up stopping […]