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Sidewalk Rant

Coming from New York, a place where I can walk as fast as I want without crashing into people, make it to appointments or meetings on time and generally feel much more ‘stress free’ as I walk down the sidewalk is something I deeply miss.  To me, the sidewalks of Rio feel like a battle […]

Is Sao Paulo Really Like New York?

When I told people I was going to Sao Paulo for the weekend the response was: You are going to love it, it is just like New York!’ Let’s be clear, NOTHING is like New York.  The reason people say this is because they consider Sao Paulo to be the ‘New York” of Brazil while […]

Sao Paulo’s ‘Central Park’

People compare Sao Paulo to New York all the time and when it comes to the parks, I have to agree.  Parque do Ibirapuera to Sao Paulo is what Hyde Park is to London or Central Park is to New York.  Ibirapuera is one of Latin America’s largest city parks, with beautifully landscaped gardens, museums, exhibition spaces, planetary […]

Best Shopping Street in Sao Paulo

Living in Rio is incredible, except when it comes to shopping, you have no choice but to head to Sao Paulo (since Rio shopping is only good for bikinis!).  In the Jardins district of Sao Paulo is famous tree-lined Rua Oscar Freire which stretches from Alameda Casa Branca to Avinda Doutor Arnaldo.  When I stepped out […]

Brazil’s Leading Digital Accelerator: 21212 Hosts First Demo Day

For the tech enthusiasts, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, VC’s, angels and anyone interested in learning more/ getting involved in/ investing in the digital space in Brazil, this is one post you MUST read! For those of you who don’t know, I work for 21212, a mentorship-driven digital accelerator program located in Rio (21) and NYC (212).  […]

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Experience Carnaval

The video below is an exquisite full depiction of the Champions night of 2011’s Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval at the Sambadrome.  Sorry, but it puts New York’s Macy’s Day Parade to shame… Keep checking back as I will be posting some of the incredible videos from this years Carnaval!   The City of Samba from […]

SoHo in Buenos Aires

When I was living in New York, one of my favorite things to do on a spring weekend was walk around SoHo, grab brunch at Felix, maybe do a little shopping, and check out the street art.  For the first day of summer in Argentina, I headed over to Palermo, the SoHo of Buenos Aires. […]

Juice Bars In NYC

Sorry for the delay in posts, have been traveling a bit and am in NYC at the moment.  I came across this article in New York Magazine about the “Juice-Bar Craze” and figured since I had already covered Liquiteria this article could give you a good overview on the rest of the awesome ‘juice bars’ […]

Shana Tova…

For those of you who celebrated the holidays this weekend, Shana Tova!  Something I found out… in order to have nice Jewish food for Yom Kippur,  you have to order it way in advance because most places run out of it immediately after Rosh Hashana. This was news to me, but luckily we were referred […]

Graffiti NYC

I have done a number of posts showcasing the beautiful graffiti decorating the walls of Rio de Janeiro (see the Graffiti tab!).  Since I am in New York, felt I had to share my recent NYC graffiti finds….. enjoy!Free Love in the East Village Check out the awesome side of Flatiron’s B.E.S restaurant!