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Is Sao Paulo Really Like New York?

When I told people I was going to Sao Paulo for the weekend the response was: You are going to love it, it is just like New York!’ Let’s be clear, NOTHING is like New York.  The reason people say this is because they consider Sao Paulo to be the ‘New York” of Brazil while […]

Where To Have Breakfast In Sao Paulo

Located on the famous Oscar Freire is trendy cafe  Santo Grao. A very open cafe with outdoor area that sort of makes you feel like you are sitting in a cafe in Paris, or New York but definitely not Brazil. It is famous for the many different types of coffee they offer as well as the delicious […]

Sao Paulo’s Best Italian Restaurant: Zucco

Do you love Italian food? I do and have eaten a lot of great Italian food in my day, I mean I did a semester in Florence (enjoyed the food there so much so that I won’t be sharing those pics with you) and as you know, I travel quite a bit.  When I was […]