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Stravaganze Is No Ordinary Pizzeria

I remember my first cab ride around Lagoa and out of the corner of my eye spotting an adorable glass-front restaurant with candles lining the walls.  Since that first glimpse a year ago I have wanted to try this cute restaurant and finally, made my way to Stravaganze Pizzeria, my mystery restaurant. From the outside  this […]

Zero Zero Is The Place To Party on Saturday Night

It is finally summer in Brazil, and it is HOT! Seriously, if you think New York in the summer is painfully hot (which I agree can be pretty scorching sometimes), Rio has it beat.  After hanging at the beach all Saturday how should you spend the rest of your afternoon and evening?  Head over to […]

Morro de Sao Paulo: Nightlife

I was in Morro de Sao Paulo a little off season so I didn’t get to experience the full effect of the wild nightlife this island has to offer; but definitely got a good preview into it! Around 10pm local venders start setting up their ‘drink stands’ along the beach(see above) and by midnight things […]