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Best of Rio 2012

I can’t believe I’ve been living in Rio for 2 years- man does time fly!!  A lot has happened this year, went to some amazing places, tried lots of new restaurants, organized 2 tech events and got married. Instead of doing a full year recap with all the details (boring you by listing out all the […]

Grab your hiking boots and experience Nacional Parque Serra Dos Orgaos

Looking for some outdoor adventure? Hop in your car (or take the bus) to Teresopolis and get ready to bond with the incredibly beautiful forests Brazil has to offer.  Nacional Parque Serra Dos Orgaos, is an 118 sqkm mountainous terrain between Teresópolis and Petrópolis full of waterfalls, natural swimming pools, hiking trails, beautiful picnic spots, camping grounds […]

Santos Dumont, the father of aviation

When I was high school (in the US) I remember learning about the Wright brothers, and how they were the first to fly.  Wrong! The first person to invent and fly an airplane was Brazil’s most famous aviator, Santos Dumont the true ‘Father of Aviation‘. In 1906 he was the first to fly, ie take off and land under his own […]

VIDEO: Sound & Lights show

Petropolis: Sound and lights show at the Imperial Palace

In my last post, I covered the Petropolis Imperial Palace.   When the sun goes down there is a one of a kind show, Som e Luz  that you must see, so make sure you buy your tickets (R$20) ahead of time!  The 45 minute show takes place Thursday through Saturday and starts at 8pm, but I recommend […]

Palacio Rio Negro in Petropolis

When I was a little girl, I was given a vintage doll house, and walking through the Palacio Rio Negro in Petropolis actually felt as if I was walking through a life size version of my childhood doll house (kind of creepy)! Today’s History lesson: The palace was built in 1889 to be the summer house of […]

How is my swing? Golfing in Petropolis

About 35 mins from the Historic Center of Petropolis in the district of Nogueira is the Petropolis Golf Club. The drive there is really beautiful, there are some incredible views of the mountains and small towns that are scattered within them so bring a camera.  Unlike most of the country clubs in Rio, you do […]

Visit the Quitandinha Palace in Petropolis

When you are driving into Petropolis you will come upon a massive beautiful palace; make sure you go down the drive way and explore it right away before you head into the historical center otherwise you will be stuck in traffic or fighting your way through it to see it (take my word for it!). […]

Petropolis, the Imperial City

Petropolis (the Imperial City) lies just an hour up the mountain from where I live in Rio making it a very easy and quick trip.  So easy in fact, that you could even go just for the day, like how people that live in Providence RI go up to Boston for the day all the […]