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The perfect pre-game: Bordeaux Itaipava

Does the name Bordeaux sounds familiar? If you answered yes, then it’s because you read my previous blogpost about Bordeaux in Petropolis.  Turns out there is another one in Itaipava which is bit different.  Discovering Bordeaux Itaipava was an unexpected  and wonderful surprise.  We were walking around exploring the different shops when we saw some people dining outside […]

Best restaurant in Petropolis: Bordeaux restaurant

This is probably the most beautiful, historic and delicious restaurant in Petropolis.  Built in 1884, Casa da Ipiranga, is virtually intact with its original decoration including its ballrooms, Carrara marble fireplaces, some 300 paintings and the stable, which was transformed into Bordeaux Bistro, a delicious rustic bar-restaurant.   The restaurant has a cute outdoor seating area where you […]