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Carnival is coming….Mangueira Samba school rehearsal

Carnival is one of the highlights about living in Brazil, from the costumes to the parties Brazil goes all out to celebrate.  I have been to the Sambadromo to watch the incredible parade of floats for the last 3 years in a row, last year I had even had the privilege to actually be part […]

Bike Lagoa rant

When I lived in New York for my morning workout I would sometimes run over the Brooklyn Bridge and back (obviously only when it was warm out- can’t hack it in the winter!).  The separation between the bike lane and the runners lane on the bridge is pretty clear… So clear in fact, that bikers […]

Sidewalk Rant

Coming from New York, a place where I can walk as fast as I want without crashing into people, make it to appointments or meetings on time and generally feel much more ‘stress free’ as I walk down the sidewalk is something I deeply miss.  To me, the sidewalks of Rio feel like a battle […]

Hidden oasis: Praia do Joa

 I was at drinks the other night discussing the various beaches in Rio when someone mentioned Praia do Joa (or Joatinga), a beach I had not heard of.  The immediate response was ‘you must go it is beautiful!’, so the next day that is exactly what I did.  Hop in your car (it’s the only […]


In New York I was pretty used to looking up and seeing squirrel’s scurrying up trees or along phone wires… Not in Rio! Check out the little monkeys who were ‘hanging out’ in front of my apartment! There were about 10 of them, but since they were super fast I was only able to get 2 […]

Interview with Internations

Very exciting news! If you haven’t already noticed the badge (on the right), NY2Rio was rated a Top Expat Blog for Brazil by Internations. Internations is the first international online community for people who live and work abroad and I am honored to have made the Recommended Blog list which also includes RioReal , RachelsRantings, Brazil Pramim, […]

Graffiti: Lagoa and Jardim Botanico Part 2

I am fortunate enough to drive around the Lagoa and through Jardim Bonanico on a daily basis.  Why? I can tell you for sure, it is not sitting in traffic for an hour.  I am fortunate because I am given the opportunity to scope out any new graffiti that has appeared.  I have turned my […]

Zero Zero Is The Place To Party on Saturday Night

It is finally summer in Brazil, and it is HOT! Seriously, if you think New York in the summer is painfully hot (which I agree can be pretty scorching sometimes), Rio has it beat.  After hanging at the beach all Saturday how should you spend the rest of your afternoon and evening?  Head over to […]

Brazil’s Leading Digital Accelerator: 21212 Hosts First Demo Day

For the tech enthusiasts, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, VC’s, angels and anyone interested in learning more/ getting involved in/ investing in the digital space in Brazil, this is one post you MUST read! For those of you who don’t know, I work for 21212, a mentorship-driven digital accelerator program located in Rio (21) and NYC (212).  […]

A Resort For Dogs? You Bet!

As you know, I travel quite a bit and unfortunately Teddy is not always allowed to accompany me on my travels.  Thankfully, he isn’t upset about it, actually I think he gets pretty excited when we go away because that means he is going on a vacation too! Yes that’s right, when we travel we […]