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My favorite beach treat: picolé sacolé

Whether you are walking down the beach, playing in the surf or just working on your tan you will hear and see all different types of vendors selling various snacks, blankets, drinks and clothes along the beach.  There is one ‘snack’ that will definitely catch your eye if you see someone eating it…..To be blunt, […]

Video: Cute monkey’s playing in Parque Dois Irmaos

Lived in New York for 6 years… This is definitely NOT something you see everyday!  On my way down from hiking up to Parque Dois Irmaos (read previous post), I came across these adorable monkeys!  Check out the video:

Coolest “Moving” Floats of Carnaval 2012

One of my favorite things to do during Rio’s Carnaval is attend the Sambadrome (see previous post!) and see the incredible costumes and floats.  The day after Carnaval ends, people begin creating the floats and costumes for next year’s Carnaval which is why they are so fantastic.  Personally, the floats that have ‘moving’ pieces or […]

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Experience Carnaval

The video below is an exquisite full depiction of the Champions night of 2011’s Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval at the Sambadrome.  Sorry, but it puts New York’s Macy’s Day Parade to shame… Keep checking back as I will be posting some of the incredible videos from this years Carnaval!   The City of Samba from […]

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Carnaval ‘Slinky Time’

Carnaval is one of the most exciting times to be in Rio de Janeiro, and I was fortunate enough to go to the Sambadromo (place where the real action takes place, floats, costumes- the real deal) this year.  At the Sambadromo, each school starts its march with a performance and Unidos da Tijuca totally nailed […]

The Craziest Beatles Bloco in Rio: Sargento Pimenta

As I explained in my last post, Blocos are one of the highlights of Carnaval and simply should not be missed.  I went to one of the most popular Blocos this weekend, Sargento Pimenta e o Clube dos Corações Solitários This was definitely one of the largest and craziest Blocos I have ever been to- […]

Carnaval Blocos & How to Find Your Friends with Meus-Blocos!

Carnaval, in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most exciting and fun experiences you can possibly have!  It officially kicks off tonight,  but there have been Blocos (street parties) going on since last weekend– it is really a 3 week party so be prepared!! Every neighborhood in Rio has its own form of Carnival […]

Are You An Entrepreneur Based In Rio de Janeiro?!

Are you an Entrepreneur based in Rio de Janeiro?! Global Entrepreneurship Week starts this TODAY, Monday November 14 and goes till Sunday November 20th! Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international movement which takes place every year during the months of November and now involves 104 countries. Last year alone, 41,711 partners and organizations who believe it is possible to […]