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Where to stay in Guanacaste Costa Rica: Four Seasons

For this years ‘winter trip’ we decided to explore two different regions of Costa Rica: Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting all sorts of tips, restaurant reviews, cool things to do in Costa Rica, the best surf spots and more!  To kick things off, let’s start with where to stay […]

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

Looking to get out of Brazil for a weekend? Buenos Aires, Argentina is only a 3 hour flight and believe me it is worth the trip! Note: When you enter Buenos Aires as a foreigner for the first time you must pay $140 entrance tax.  You pay this every 10 years.  If you enjoy being […]

My Interview In Escape From America Magazine

Expats Living in Brazil By Julie R Butler / Nov 11 • Categorized as Living Overseas Brazil is a very attractive destination………….Brazil is South America’s economic powerhouse, fueled by immense agricultural, mining, energy, and human resources and driven by muscular manufacturing and service sectors. It was one of the first emerging markets to begin its […]