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Street art gallery A7MA in São Paulo

While in Sao Paulo, wandering the streets of Vila Magdalena on my self guided ‘graffiti tour’ I stumbled upon a true hidden gem: A gallery devoted to the street artists of Brazil A7MA .  It was the graffiti covered garage (above) that drew me across the street from Batman’s Alley entrance. As I was taking pictures the […]

Graffiti: Batman’s Alley, Sao Paulo—AMAZING!

I LOVE photographing graffiti, so while in Sao Paulo for the weekend my friend suggested I visit Batman’s Alley.   Batman’s Alley (Beco do Batman, in Portuguese) is a narrow alleyway in the Vila Madalena neighborhood.  Honestly, walking through this alley feels as if you are walking through an open-air ‘street art’ gallery, where abstract,surreal, psychedelic and geometric […]