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Sunday food fair in Vila Madalena

Moment of truth… I am a bit of a picky eater (eek) but I am open and interested in trying new things which is why I’ve always been a big fan of going to ‘food fairs’, I mean, come on who doesn’t love a good food sampling?! These things are perfect for me because I […]

Graffiti: Garage in Vila Madelana

The first time I visited Sao Paulo we drove by this incredible house/ garage covered in beautiful graffiti and I have been trying to ‘re-find’ it since I got here.  Well….I finally found it!! This beautiful creation is by Roberto Bieto one of the most incredible muralists helping to ‘beautify’ Sao Paulo. I’ll admit it […]

SP: Vegetarian spot in Vila Madalena

I have nothing against vegetarians, if you are able to make that lifestyle work for you, congratulations; I on the other hand am a true carnivore.  I think I would last about 2 days as a vegetarian and that would be that (I try not to eat that many carbs and the thought of living […]