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Chocoholic dream in Penedo

If you are a chocoholic, then you should start thinking about planning a trip to Penedo (close to Visconde de Maua)!  Known for producing some of the best chocolate, there are 3 chocolate factories, my favorite is Casa do Chocolate.  At Casa do Chocolate (Chocolate house), you are able to see how the chocolate is produced while […]

Best lunch in Visconde de Maua

There are some incredible restaurants in Visconde de Maua but if you are looking for a leisurely lunch or romantic dinner with that ‘at home’ atmosphere then you must try Rosmarinus which is on your way to Maringá.  I went to Tripp Lake Camp in Poland Maine and when I walked into Rosmarinus it reminded me of […]

Alcantilado waterfalls in Visconde de Maua

I like outdoor adventure but normally I am not the one to suggest a place that 90% of what you will do involves connecting with nature/ hiking, so this was a first for me.  When you are in Visconde de Maua, you must visit the Cachoeiras do Alcantilado, a sequence of 9 waterfalls – ending […]