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Secrete Japanese restaurant in Pinheiros

Looking for a cool date spot with seriously amazing food? You must try Minato Izakaya, an incredible hidden gem tucked away in Pinheiros.    This unique Japanese restaurant  is a serious dining experience.  No reservations aloud, seats only twenty people and no saving seats for your friends running late; so try to go on the earlier side otherwise […]

Brunch in Moema

Staying in Sao Paulo over the weekend? Feeling an intense chocolate craving coming on?  Head over to Pain et Chocolat for their famous brunch buffet.  Offering over 100 items including: delicious breads, mini muffins, fruits, pancakes, waffles, pastries, eggs, sausage, potato rosti, cookies and much more, Pain et Chocolat will have whatever you desire.  Brunch […]

Steak.. It’s what’s for lunch at Leoncio

If you are craving meat or wandering around Vila Magdelena looking for a great place for lunch, head over to Leoncio restaurant, situated in a cute house on Rua Girassol. Enter through the front grate and sit at one of the tables scattered throughout the small court yard which is partially covered so you can […]

Buffet ‘NY style brunch’ at PJ Clarks

After living in New York for 6 years I got very accustomed to having brunch with my friends on the weekends; sometimes even making a whole day of it!  When I moved to Rio I was disappointed to find that a good brunch was almost impossible to come by:/  Now that I am living in […]

First Look: Barteco Sao Paulo’s newest cozinha e bar

There are tons of unique, delicious restaurants in Sao Paulo, however Barteco, the newest edition in Pinheiro‘s stands apart from the rest.  Set in a 3 story house with high ceilings, beautiful wood floors and artistic tiled walls.  You can sit inside, at the bar or outside under the heat lamps (it’s winter in Brazil […]

Best Steak frites in Sao Paulo

There are lots of French restaurants in Sao Paulo, but if you want the best ‘Steak Frites’ you must go to L’entrecote de Paris in Itaim.  Given the name of the restaurant it is pretty clear that it is serving up French cuisine.  If you had any doubts, once you step inside and see that […]

Garden dining at D.O.C Emporium in Penedo

You can work up quite the appetite splashing around in the waterfalls or walking through the town of Penedo.  There are tons of restaurants but the best restaurant for lunch in Penedo is D.O.C Emporium with its beautiful gardened outdoor area.  Since you are on vacation, sit back in one of DOC’s comfy chairs and enjoy a […]

Most romantic restaurant in the state of Rio de Janeiro: Borbulha

Ladies, if you are one of those girls like Mindy who hopes life will play out like  a romantic comedy… Borbulha (bubble) located in Minas Maringá  about 20 meters from the pedestrian bridge at Alameda Gastronomic Aunt Sofia; is a restaurant that will make all of your fairly tail romantic daydreams come to life, all you need to drag […]

Classic Italian-Brazilian combination at Quadrifoglio Cafe

I have been on a mission to try all the restaurants lining Rua Dias Ferreira since I moved here, but of course new restaurants keep popping up making this quest take a little longer.  I am still not there yet (2 more to go) but I couldn’t resist knocking one of the ‘newer’ spots off my […]

Contemporary cuisine in Botafogo: Iraja Gastro

Since I live in Leblon and Ipanema is close by, I have covered a number of the restaurants in the area and have decided it was time for me to branch out.  Botafogo has become one of my new favorite areas to discover restaurants; the area offers a variety of cool bars, tapas, and contemporary […]