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Healthy food on the go: Market Ipanema

When living in Rio, Market Ipanema was one of my ‘go to’ spots for a good salad in a nice atmosphere (they had an outdoor garden area).  On my last trip to Rio I discovered that they replaced their casual dining scene moving to a smaller location to position themselves as a healthy gourmet ‘grab […]

New Peruvian hot spot in Rio

When my friend suggested going to a place called Tupac for her birthday my first reaction was ‘will they be playing his greatest hits in the background?” I was slightly disappointed to learn that we would not be having a full on 90’s dance party at dinner but the ambiance and cuisine make up for […]

Tapas in Copacabana

It’s Pre- Carnival Week so you know where I am…back in Rio!!!! To kick things off before heading to the First Bloco of 2014, my friends and I decided to try En Born, a cute tapas restaurant in Copacabana.  The restaurant was quite lively with people eating and drinking outside, it’s very ‘open’ and airy […]

Most romantic restaurant in the state of Rio de Janeiro: Borbulha

Ladies, if you are one of those girls like Mindy who hopes life will play out like  a romantic comedy… Borbulha (bubble) located in Minas Maringá  about 20 meters from the pedestrian bridge at Alameda Gastronomic Aunt Sofia; is a restaurant that will make all of your fairly tail romantic daydreams come to life, all you need to drag […]

Adventurous brunch at Parque Lage

There are many reasons one makes the walk or drive over to Jardim Botanico’s Parque Lage.  For the adventurous type seeking a full day of activity it is here you can begin the strenuous hike up to see Christo, or explore hidden architectural treasures, have brunch in a picturesque setting, connect with nature, or take […]

Mexican done right in Rio: Azteka

I know I have blogged about Mexican food in Rio before, but after trying Azteka the other restaurants just don’t compare.  The space itself is small, with an inventive New York style decor located right on Ipanema’s Visconde de Pirajá, which means its a great spot for people watching.  It is a great place for […]

Looking for authentic Polish food in Rio?

Missing the foods from your home country? Tired of having traditional Brazilian food for a week?  Looking to try something authentic and different?  Tucked away (practically hidden) in Copacabana is a truly authentic Polish restaurant; La Polonesa.  The restaurant is small and cozy with a rustic feel of a truly traditional European restaurant; you actually […]

Beachfront dining and drinking at Astor

I must admit when I first moved to Rio, almost 2 years ago I had expected to see lots of cool and lively ‘beach front’ restaurants, not the case.  For those of you who have seen pictures of the beaches in Rio you will see that there are in fact a number of restaurants lining […]

Mid day chocolate craving? Head over to Envidia

As you know, I LOVE dessert, so when I realized there was a chocolaterie right around the corner from me on Dias Ferreira that I had not visited, I knew that had to change immediately.  Inside, Envida reminds me a little bit of  New York’s Cafe Lalo with its elegant yet cozy interior, however instead of a […]

Enjoy the ballet in style at the Teatro Municipal

There is no better place to take in a show or the ballet then the Teatro Municipal; built in the twentieth century in the center of Rio de Janeiro it is one of the most beautiful theaters in the country.  Hop on the metro and get off at Cinelândia and step out into  the bustling square of Praça Marechal […]